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Since 2001, Trust Marketing Solutions, Inc. has helped Quality Businesses, Communities, and Organizations extend their borders and increase their visibility through business consulting, innovative marketing techniques and broadcast quality HD video production strategically distributed on the Internet.



From web marketing, television commercials, promotional, sales, brand image, education, or training videos; to feature documentaries, infomercials, direct to DVD, Blu-Ray or USB thumb drive, broadcast television shows, series, or feature films. We’ll work with your team to identify all your needs and expectations, helping to create results from every video we produce for you.

Examples of Videos We’ve Created Include:
• Corporate Videos for Website & Social Media
• Political Campaign with Effective Content
• “How To” & Product Demo Videos
• Television Commercials 30 & 60 Sec. Spots
• Movie Theatre Commercials
• Non-Profit Videos to build your Donor Base
• Medical Videos for patients to view b-4 Appt.
• Tradeshow & Convention Center on DVD
• Law Firm & Attorney Video Production
• Realtor & Real Estate
• Community & Organization Video Highlights
• Company & City Tours
• Training & Educational Videos
• Presentation Videos to Showcase Before Meetings
• Testimonial Videos
• Explainer Videos & Infographics




Any type of video you can imagine or need, from web video to broadcast productions, Trust Marketing Solutions Inc. is your one-stop video production service.• Sales and marketing videos.• Animated explainer videos.• Testimonial videos.• Promotional videos• HR training and guidance videos.• Brand image and introductions.• Corporate videos for websites, social media, and e-mail campaigns.
• Political introduction, announcement and position based videos.• Television commercials for use on broadcast television, cable, the internet, e-mail, social media, and movie theatres.• Kickstarter and other fundraising awareness campaigns.• Special event promotion, coverage, or documenting.• Donation awareness campaigns for non-profit and community groups.• Medical awareness and professional introduction video for current and future clients.• Product demo or introduction videos for conventions and trade shows.
• Legal video services production.
• Realtor and real estate marketing video.
• Community organization introduction and awareness campaign videos.
• Local government, chamber of commerce and business association campaigns to promote the community.
• Demonstration, training and education videos for products, services, and how-to videos
• Bulk video distribution on DVD, Blu-Ray or USB thumb drives.
• Professional customer testimonial videos.
• Explaining complex topics through entertaining animation and infographic based video.




Our team of video professionals utilize 50 years of combined experience to create amazing cost-effective videos you can be proud to share.• One of our experienced producers will work with your team to research and write the script, identifying the key message for optimal success. • Utilizing our experience in SEO marketing, and video scripting techniques, we’ll write your script to maximize your message and achieve the greatest success possible.
• As the client, you are provided review opportunities to assist in editing the script to your specification.
• Once approved, our production crew uses broadcast quality HD video cameras, lighting and sound equipment to shoot your video at a location of your choosing, with the option to use one of our many studio locations throughout the Twin Cities.
• Our professional crew will help you feel comfortable, working with you to make sure you look great on camera. We’ll setup a teleprompter so there’s no worry about memorizing the script, allowing you to be more confident and professional.
• Using the latest broadcast level professional editing equipment and software, our award-winning post-production staff will edit the footage with professional narration, HD graphics and basic animation special effects to create the final version.
• During the post-production stage, you’ll have the opportunity to review the final edits until we receive your approval.
• We’ll provide prompt digital delivery of your final HD video files, ready to insert into your website, post on social media or drop into your next marketing email.
• Depending upon the project, we can also provide broadcast quality HD video files, DVD, or Blu-Ray copies of your final video.




Taking the right approach when starting a video project can be the difference between success or failure. Following these basic tips will help maximize the potential impact.• Identify your Call to Action. Your video should direct viewers what to do next. Buy this, contact us, visit our website, etc. Don’t shy away from making the purpose of your video clear and direct.• Be real, honest and transparent. Don’t worry about getting it perfect. Usually the first take is just fine! When you look into the lens, you’re talking directly to the viewer as if you’re in a room with them. This creates more intimacy and connection.
• Think like a casting director. Find your internal cheerleader to be the person you put in front of the camera. Consider the person in the office who encourages and has a smile for everyone, as his/her natural exuberance may be just the on-camera talent you’re looking for!
• Include other people. Having a cast of supporters in the form of testimonials from clients, customers, even sincere employees, can carry added weight to your message. Including multiple people will also make the video more dynamic and interesting.
• Demonstrate how to use your product or service. Action in the shot makes great video. When consumers can witness first-hand how easy something is, they’re more likely to purchase or participate.
• Create a series of videos. Starting with a single video is great, but to attract larger audiences, a series of several videos focusing on niche topics will do the trick. Plan each video to follow on from the next, in a logical manner. When you do this, you encourage viewers to watch one video after the next, which means more views and more clicks.

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