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Since 2001, Trust Marketing Solutions, Inc. has helped Quality Businesses, Communities, and Organizations extend their borders and increase their visibility through business consulting, innovative marketing techniques and broadcast quality HD video production strategically distributed on the Internet.



We Make Video Production Easy, Painless and Fun

Trust Marketing Solutions, Inc. is here to help make your vision become reality, while making the process as easy, fun and exciting as possible. Limited only by imagination, our talented staff can create any type of project you need or dream-up.

Examples of what we do include:
• A single video or an entire library featuring hundreds of videos.
• Producing a video to share on your website, via email, or posting on social media.
• Duplicating your final video on as many DVDs, Blu-Ray Disks, or USB Thumb Drives as you need.
• Meeting broadcast standards and quality for broadcast on television or cable.

Video Production: scripting (content), filming (staging), video editing, graphics, inserts, overall flow of presentation, video optimization, and online distribution.

Video Quality: Our experienced videographers shoot high definition (1080p) video, using broadcast quality cameras, professional video lighting, and artistic composition.

Audio Quality: We use broadcast quality microphones to record capture crisp, clear audio, and license professionally produced music to set the appropriate mood.

Editing Skills: Editing all the elements together, in the just right way, is crucial to bring that professional “WOW” to your video. You want to stand-out as an established organization and keep viewers engaged. Editing together the best takes, most amazing images and video, adding breathtaking graphics and animation, keeps your video moving.

Quality Graphics: We employ top graphics talent and use the latest professional software to adapt your logo and graphics into each production.

Once the final version is approved, your video is optimized for web distribution to present the highest quality possible.

Video Works as Your 24/7 Sales Force
Your video can play 7 days a week; 24 hours a day. Unlike a salesperson, your video never has a bad day and communicates all aspect of your business. Video gives viewers the greatest amount of information, in the shortest amount of time.

The Internet allows you to share your video with billions. When you publish a video on your website or social media page, it serves as a virtual sales person, on-call, every minute of every day, available to all those potential viewers. But it doesn’t stop there.

In a world where nearly everyone shares their favorite silly pet trick video across an expanding array of digital platforms, your customers can and will share your video across those same platforms for you. Your videos can remain visible across every avenue of social media for days, weeks, months, even years… carrying with it the potential to engage new viewers and create new customers. The phenomenon of viral video has changed the marketing game more than any other factor in recent years. While it can be challenging to create a break-through viral campaign, even small impact campaigns should not be underestimated.

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