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Since 2001, Trust Marketing Solutions, Inc. has helped Quality Businesses, Communities, and Organizations extend their borders and increase their visibility through business consulting, innovative marketing techniques and broadcast quality HD video production strategically distributed on the Internet.



Video connects with viewers on an emotional level.

When a viewer watches a video, it opens a one-on-one conversation, allowing you to speak directly to a captive audience. Trust Marketing Solutions, Inc. provides the experience and expertise required to produce quality video worth watching.

We’re physically hard-wired to respond to movement. The intonation and pitch of voices, and body language all create strong emotional connections with the viewer. It’s an opportunity to use sight and sound to connect emotionally with viewers via storytelling. Video entertains and influences by invoking emotions, connecting viewers hearts and minds with your brand, product or service.

• 58% of consumers consider a company with video to be more trustworthy.
• The brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than reading text.
• Viewers retain 95% of information shared in a video vs. 10% when reading text.

Video conveys more than just words, images, and music, it communicates thought, emotion and action. Video can quickly demonstrate the correct use of your latest product, letting potential customers know just how easy it is to use. It can help the world personally connect with you, sharing the human face of your business, setting you apart from the competition. Video lets you see and hear the soft rustling of palm trees on a far away beach, or the proud smiles of new parents, watching their child take its first wobbly steps. Even when you could communicate these things in writing, it would likely take several pages. Trust Marketing Solutions, Inc. can communicate a single message in seconds with video. When it comes to efficient, cost-effective marketing, seconds are usually all you have.

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